Acrylic Railings

Acrylic is used to make various products, such as shower doors, bath enclosures, windows and skylights. It is chosen over glass for many reasons. It is many times stronger than glass, making it much more impact resistant and therefore safer.

Baseballs that crash through glass windows will, in most cases, bounce off acrylic windows. Acrylic also insulates better than glass.

Another great advantage of acrylic is that it is only half as heavy as glass. This makes working with acrylic much easier. It can also be sawed, whereas glass must be scored.

Adding to this favorable array of properties, a transparency rate of 93% makes acrylic the clearest material to the mankind. In contrast, very thick glass will have a green tint, while acrylic remains clear.

They create a contemporary design aesthetic that will change the look of any home or office, but in a subtle and unobtrusive way.